Thursday, August 8, 2013

WASAs JOG ON Animation Short Nomination

I haven't posted here for a while, I've been quite busy with work and things which is good. Doing some visual effects on a short film by a local Director Antony Webb. Helping out on a online web series Similar & Familiar by Balthazaar Media with some CG backgrounds which is fun. I will also be doing some more colour grades as well!!!! I'm not sure what sort of work I like doing the most lol.

Plus recently was the 25th West Australian Screen Awards or WASAs. I made a short film a while ago for the Syndey GRAPHIC festival. I made it pretty much on a whim in 2 months just on my laptop by myself, this is why the film is relatively simple and quite limited in it's animation style but I basically wanted to see if I could tell a story within that time.

The film was a finalist, and then I got two friends Robert Woods to score the film and Xoe Baird to to a quick mix and the film was a nominee for the WASAs. It is also now being screen at the CineFestOZ film festival down south and will by on WestTV. You can check out a 20 second clip below.